Easter celebrations at Church-without-walls, Ilford

Early on Easter morning, team members and rough sleepers gathered for a Praise Party on the streets of Ilford. Val and Judy led celebration songs, accompanied by Lucky (one of the regular rough sleepers) on the tambourine. Seventeen men attended the service where they heard the Easter message and all had the opportunity to share and receive prayer. In addition to cups of tea and coffee, sandwiches, boiled eggs and fruit, each of the homeless guys received a special Easter surprise. One of the guys showed Judy the little cream egg that he had received, and then dug in his bag to show her a much bigger egg, saying, “And then I got one of THESE!” The delight on his face was a joy to see. It has been a long time since many of these men have received such a simple kindness.

After the service, many of the men walked to Eden church where they received more food, cups of tea and first aid for cut feet. The men were able to rest in a warm, safe environment and some even took the opportunity to shave. Chris, one of the youth at Eden, was on his way home from Church-without-walls and found a man in serious pain only having one leg and tubes down his throat. Three of the team went to help and called the paramedics. This gentleman was too sick to move and had no English at all. Please remember him in your prayers.