On a Saturday morning recently, a young girl came to Church Without Walls with her boyfriend. She was 3-4 months pregnant and she received a sleeping bag and prayer from the team, specifically for somewhere to live. She was a regular visitor for several weeks, until one week she arrived alone, limping and using a crutch. As the team spoke to her, they discovered that she was shaken and traumatised following an attack by her boyfriend. He had stabbed her and had stolen all of her belongings. After a couple of nights in hospital, she had been discharged with nothing but a hospital blanket. She returned to Church Without Walls, as she felt safe and cared for there. She was desperate to get to Wales to stay with her aunt who had offered her a room. Unfortunately, she had no means of getting there from London. After the service, the team prayed with her again, then took her to the coach station and bought her a ticket to Cardiff for the same day. Her prayers were answered and she now has a safe place to live.