Over he last couple of weeks we have given out 16 sleeping bags at Church Without Walls Westminster alone. Here are some of the stories of the people we have met and given bags to:

We met a Mother and daughter who had a fifteen year old Staffy dog. They had been on the street for a while because they were unable to get accommodation because of the dog.

Another bag was given to a Czech man who was very happy to receive the bag. We promised to get him a Czech Bible. And he said he would return at some point in the coming weeks to get it.

Another man joined us and he knew the mother and daughter from the streets and he was also very grateful to receive the bag.

"Pete" had left for London as he had fallen out so badly with his family he couldn't deal wth them anymore and is now living on the streets.

"Paul's" Parents died a few years ago and had to live with his grandparents .. but he has fallen out with them so badly that he cannot go back with them to live and sadly the street is the only alternative.

An Austrian lady who came the week before and received a sleeping bag returned and said that "she had slept every night" in it and that "it was perfect!". She returned to get another for a friend of hers also living on the street.

All these stories show there is no single route to the streets of London, but the results are the same.

Please pray for all these people.