Last March on a very cold dark morning we arrived a Church Without Walls Ilford and found a man late twenties huddled under the bridge, lets call him Ben. Ben was cold and wet, we put a fleece on him gave him a hot egg and a sandwich. As we talked with him we realised he came from Havering area and we contacted Kim, Hope4Havering. We took him to our local cafe where he had a hot breakfast then took him to Kim's house, he had a bath and change of clothes, went to church and was then taken into their night shelter and looked after for several months.

December 2013 Ben was given a room of his own in East Ham and CWW were contacted to request a starter pack for Ben. We are delighted to see him settled with a place of his own. He was blessed when he saw the toaster, kettle, bed linen,cutlery and shopping etc. to help him take his life forward.

He said" I only came to CWW for an egg and my life has turned around"

Thank you to everyone who support AUOS and CWW you make a difference to these people who do not have any one else to help them turn their lives around.