At Church Without Walls recently we met an Eastern European lady named "Milly" who spoke perfect English.

She shared that she, and the people that were sleeping rough, were moved from an underground car park during the previous night.

The security guards removed them, not allowing them to take their possessions when they left. They lost everything that they owned!

Milly, who was obviously well educated, told us the reason she found herself on the streets:

An Unscrupulous landlord took a two month deposit from her but then let the property to someone else, completely denying that she had ever given him money. The police did not want to know or even offer any assistance. She had no other option than to find a cheap B&B and then take to the streets.

It was a privilege to give her a sleeping bag and some food. She was extremely grateful for our "act of kindness" We sent her on her way with a prayer for her protection and a change in her circumstances.

Please pray for Milly