Homeless Interview - The Preacher

@MAKETREKS  met The Preacher in the London Underground and spent the evening with him learning about his life and what had led him to become homeless on the streets. He told us about his troubled childhood and how he had spent time in the British borstal prison system ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Borstal ). He told us that he had been involved in drugs and alcohol from a young age but this use was excellerated when his father died, leading him into addiction and eventually onto the street. The Preacher talked about the horrors of living on the street and told us that he though the government could be doing more to help people in his situation.
Having left school at 11, The Preacher is unable to read or write and as a result he struggles to find work. He told us that he wanted to leave the street to get rid of his addictions and find a job so he could get his family back.