See the other side to homelessness

An interesting poster campaign for homeless charity DePaul UK has just gone up on several street corners in London. The clever use of each site invites passersby to consider that there is "another side to the story" in terms of volunteering shelter for young people sleeping rough...

From creative team Dan Kennard and Ben Smith at Publicis London, the new project aims to spotlight Depaul UK’s Nightstop service which places homeless young people in the spare rooms of volunteers for a night or two, until permanent accommodation can be found. According to Kennard and Smith, writing about the work on their website, "worries about personal safety stop many people getting involved".

In order to try and counter these perceptions, posters have been placed "on either side of the street corners where homeless young people are found. The left hand poster sums up people’s preconceptions. When both posters are read together the message transforms to show that there's another, more positive side to volunteering."

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