A Sleeping Bag, A Turning Point

We recently had a great story from Alan about how receiving a sleeping bag started the change in his life. Please take the time to read it as it really is inspiring

In 2015 early Spring, my drinking and drug use had become so out of control that my father (after many years of offering help and support with my addictions) was forced to evict me.

And so started my homeless wanderings. I went from the street to shelters, still unable to stop drinking and becoming more and more desperate and dispossessed. My life had become totally unmanageable. I was thrown out of shelters and soup kitchens. I also ran out of money. I was thieving, stealing, close friends and family had lost all hope in me. I felt completely alone in the world and I had nothing.

At this point, in desperation, I walked into the Salvation Army in Romford, looking for some warmth and something to eat for that day. And the most important thing they gave me was a sleeping bag from Above Us Only Sky. In the months to come I was always on the move and that sleeping bag saved my life.

Now after seven weeks clean and sober, I am beginning a new life in rehab, I have my family behind me, providing the support and encouragement I need. And as I sit here writing this, reflecting on those dark days, I remain truly grateful for the turning point that the sleeping bag provided in my life.

All the best,
— Alan

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