A big thank you from CWW Ilford

One of the reasons that AUOS was set up is to support organisations like Church Without Walls in Ilford, who are working regularly on the streets with those sleeping rough. We received an email from one of the Directors of CWW Ilford:

“AUOS have supported us throughout the challenges with extra manpower, but most of all we are so grateful for the sleeping bags you so willingly gave on the night of the evacuation. These sleeping bags are saving lives on our streets.

“Michael is sleeping in the local cemetery. Chas has gone on several nights to put him in a sleeping bag at midnight. Without the sleeping bag, there is no doubt he would be dead!

“The local police who see our guys with AUOS sleeping bags acknowledge that they are being looked after by CWW and are in good hands, or call us if the guys are in a difficult situation. Wow, that blows us away! It speaks volumes to our community.

“Thank you once again for all your support, without you all the work could not continue in this positive way.”

We wanted to pass their thanks on to you as, without your support, none of this would be possible. Thank you.