Three of our trustees have found an enterprising way to raise some funds for Above Us Only Sky? Ken ‘Jelly Belly’ Perkins, Alan ‘Belly Buster’ Burnet and Steve ‘Fat Boy’ Fletcher have been conducting a sponsored slim since early February. Operation Pound Cruncher runs on the principle that for every pound (lb) that a participant loses, the other contenders pay a pound (£) to the charity. So far they have raised £61, with Mr JB Perkins being the cherry on the cake having lost a mighty 13 3/4lbs. The competition is fierce, with Mr FB Fletcher resorting to intense physical exercise to tip the scales in his favour.

After a week of cycling a 20 mile round-trip to work each day, he was disappointed to discover that he’d actually gained a pound that week. A series of stringent penalties were applied for the weeks that contestants failed to lose weight and Mr FB Fletcher takes the biscuit for biggest fines of the contest. Operation Pound Cruncher will continue over the next few months. If you see our revered trustees around, please give them lots of encouragement. And no doughnuts.